Icy Road Report, South City: You Can Chill the Eff Out (For Now)

South Grand icy.JPG
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Not that bad in South City...yet.
Your Daily RFT correspondent, who tools around in a four-door sedan with bald tires, just got back from testing the roads in South City. Here's the deal:

  • Even if you drive aggressively and slam on the brakes, you only skid for about 3 - 5 feet.
  • If you have to swerve violently, it's not hard to get back in your lane and on track.
  • Nobody's out on the major roads, and those that are seem to be driving prudently. Nobody was sliding into the shoulder or into other cars, from what we saw.

By far the biggest problem with driving today was scraping that quarter-inch layer of ice off the car, which had been parked on the street. But otherwise, it was pretty smooth sailing. Just be careful out there.

Disclaimer: Daily RFT, while calling you a coward for not driving, is not encouraging you to drive in any way. (Follow the jump for more photos)
Jefferson looking North.JPG
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Russel Boulevard, looking north on South Jefferson Avenue

Thumbnail image for Grand and Gravois.JPG
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
South Grand Boulevard, looking south across Gravois

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