St. Louis' Own Groundhog "Pippi" Sleeps Through Groundhog Day

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No groundhog falsely predicted Snowmageddon...are they more reliable than STL meteorologists?
An early spring it shall be, according to Punxatawney Phil and many other national groundhogs who failed to see their shadows.

What about St. Louis' own four-legged predictor?

Sadly, our very own Lily the groundhog passed away from old age within the past year, according to an e-mail we just got from the St. Louis Zoo. She was 10.

Her successor, the 10-month-old Pippi, is currently hibernating. Her handlers decided to let her sleep through the holiday.

And to her credit, Pippi did not scare the bejeezus out of St. Louisans by predicting a world-ending Snowpocalypse.

Therefore, Daily RFT nominates her early for Best Local Meteorologist 2011.

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