St. Louis Snowmaggedon in Tweets

twitter snow bird 2.jpg
So, if you're like me, you're surfin' the Internets today wondering if you should go into work or just stick it out at home.

We're supposed to be getting the blizzard of the decade century today, and all anyone can talk about is the white stuff. At least, that's the topic du jour on Twitter. Below are some of the best and/or most informative tweets I've come across so far today.

No need to go into the office if you're a St. Louis City employee. This from the mayor's press agent:

kara bowlin city closed.jpg
Fox 2 morning anchor John Pertzborn confirms that local TV news lives for this shit:
pertzborn snowmaggedon.jpg

Chris Reimer, St. Louis' most prolific Twitterer, discovers this shocking closure:
rizzos courtesy.jpg

Elsewhere in the region another Twitterer considers something nearly as unimaginable:
papa johns tweet.jpg

Let's hope those delivery drivers are taking the bus. This from Metro:

metro tweet 2.jpg

And finally, this person's significant other must be an ice queen, and that's cool. 
my chick bad stl weather.jpg

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None the Wiser
None the Wiser

First Pop's, and now Courtesy. This is a dark day in St Louis.

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