Someone Get the St. Louis V.A. a Dishwasher and a Box of Cascade, Post-Haste!

Perhaps the solution is even easier. Maybe all the V.A. needs is a sign.
What's the deal with the John Cochran Medical Center?

Officials at St. Louis' VA hospital this week announced they were halting all surgeries indefinitely after an inspection revealed unclean surgical equipment.

This after the hospital last summer notified some 1,800 patients that they may have been infected with HIV and other blood-borne pathogens due to dirty dental utensils.

Seriously, how hard is it to clean medical equipment? That's what Congressman Russ Carnahan wants to know.

"How many times does something have to happen before they fix this facility?" said Carnahan, who last July held hearings looking into the exact same issue. "Clearly the problems there go well beyond one department. It's time for a full, top-to-bottom, independent review of the entire facility. It needs to happen and it needs to happen now."

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The public would be mortified if they only knew about the waste of money that goes on at the St. Louis VA hospitals, money thrown away on "pet" projects of those looking for a bonus (and probably got them) for poor and inappropriate choices of items/ purchases. The morale is VERY low and has only gotten worse in the past 6 months or so. It may have something to do with all kinds of new policies and procedures the new administrators from "out of town" have been throwing out. Instead of "cleaning house " from the top down" where most of the problems lie, it appears that apparently it's easier to "bully" the staff members (particularly the Nursing staff ) around. NOT all of the Nurses that work for the St. Louis VA are careless and rude, quite to the contrary the vast majority of the Nurses are very kind, caring and professional and have the utmost respect for the Veterans in their care, but LOW MORALE can be a challenge for those who are doing their best. The St. Louis VA should not be at the bottom of list of all the VA hospitals in the country. Many other VA hospitals are progressive, pleasant, attractive and clean and have higher ratings.

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