SLU Researcher Links Tonsil Removal to Fat Kids; Ice Cream Escapes Blame

Say goodbye to your skinny jeans, kid.
A new medical report has found that children who have their tonsils removed often gain weight disproportionally to kids who don't have the surgery.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Anita Jeyakumar of Saint Louis University School of Medicine, writes in the journal Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery that the weight gain has been going on for decades. Still, she and her fellow researchers can't say for sure what causes kiddos to increase their BMI by and average of 7 percent following a tonsillectomy.

Perhaps it's that sore tonsils have caused the children to starve themselves. Or maybe their swollen tonsils make it more difficult to breathe causing the kids to expend more energy.

Hogwash. Here's the real explanation, courtesy of the non-scientific minds at DailyRFT.

The reason that kid plump up like force-fed geese following a tonsillectomy is that they're often told to eat nothing but ice cream for an entire week after surgery.*

You spend a week at Haagan Dazs and tell us if you can still fit in your pants when you're finished.

*Still harboring resentment that we were never diagnosed with tonsillitis as a child.

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Tonsil Stones Treatment

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