"Did You Know All Women Are Easy?" Why, No. Please Enlighten Us.

When wearing just a thong to bed in February, most women would also prefer a blanket, or at the very least another warm body.
​Daily RFT received this missive a few days ago, but we held onto it so the information it contains will be fresh in your mind when you head out to the Friday night meat markets. And hoo boy was it hard to wait!

Here goes:

Here are few facts all men in the 'men-seeking-women' crowd should know:
  • All women are easy
  • When seducing a beautiful woman, it's better to make her smile than it is to make her laugh
  • Cowardice is the chief reason men avoid the prettiest girl in the room
  • Men who focus more attention on themselves (fancy cars, killer abs, etc.) get less attention from the women they desire, and...oh yeah -
  • All women are easy
World class Lothario and author W. Anton explains in steamy detail -- and without apology -- his conclusion that all women are easy, why they're easy and how a man can take advantage of it in his new book, The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them.

It's so great when some dude takes it upon himself to explain "all women." He must have such a brilliant, subtle mind! (For more on whether our media-whoring Lothario has a clue what he's talking about, please continue past the jump.)

Herewith the full pitch, complete with our footnoted commentary:

Beautiful Women Want to Spend the Night With You!


W. Anton is every guy's worst nightmare. He's not a rock star nor is he particularly wealthy. His looks wouldn't land him on the cover of Men's Vogue* or Sports Illustrated**. But if he walks into a club in LA or anywhere else for that matter, chances are he'll leave with the most beautiful woman in the room.***

He has a secret weapon that every successful lady's man knows. Here's a hint; it has nothing to do with size. Not the size of your hedge fund, your pickup truck tires or your...well, you know.

"It really boils down to fear and how we deal with it," Anton says. In his new book, The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them, Anton examines the root causes of male insecurity and how best to overcome -- or avoid -- them in the pursuit of beautiful women.

"Most men set up self-imposed barriers and dwell within tiny comfort zones that absolutely limit their ability to talk to women," he says. "What comes out is either false bravado or self-deprecating insecurity. Neither works. Never did. Never will. Not at least for the man who wants to spend the night with the most beautiful woman in the room."

In a very provocative interview, Anton will discuss:

  • The absolute, no-doubt-about-it, foolproof (this means you, awkward boy) way to ask a beautiful woman for what you REALLY want

  • Why being awkward with women is no excuse to sit at home - alone - and complain about the women that rejected you

  • How to turn a first encounter into a sexual encounter

  • The classic mistakes men make when trying to pick up women

"My approach to seduction is simple," he says. "I teach men how to give women what they want**** -- what they have always wanted, and in turn guys get what they want -- sex."

When he's not meeting beautiful women, W. Anton is an expert in online games' production processes. He is currently on assignment in Asia. While not married, Anton says he hasn't been single for several years. To learn more, visit him at www.W-Anton.com. The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them is available at Amazon.com.

* Men's Vogue hasn't been published since 2008.
** Silly W.! Everybody knows guys who appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated are cursed.
*** Interesting assumption that every beautiful woman in the room actually wants to go home with a man.
**** Another interesting assumption is that all women would want the same thing from a man. Can this be? In an impromptu poll, we asked four female Riverfront Times staffers (the closest research subjects at hand, but also a fairly homogeneous group in terms of age, education, profession, sexual preference, marital status and socioeconomic level) what they wanted from a man. Even within this small sample, results varied widely. For example, one staffer prefers oral sex while another likes "dick," a third offers no preference, stipulating only that the sex occur twice a day, and a fourth wants to be showered with candy until she becomes borderline diabetic, whereupon "he can replace the candy with naughty activities."

One woman requires "an occasional round of drinks" and a ride home when she's drunk. Another requests "a really, really gigantic appetite that requires my constant attention/excellent skillz in the kitchen. an ability to do all the things i don't want to do: math, taxes, sending thank you cards, buying cat food. but he won't like mowing the lawn, because that's my thing." A third wants a man who will build her a darkroom in which Marvin Gaye will always be playing while she develops photos.

One research subject demands "blind obedience," another "constructive criticism." One wants from a man "utter contempt for sports (apart from tennis and maybe soccer)" while another requires "football on Sundays, baseball throughout the week (when in season)."

Of all the answers in this poll, there was only one overlap. One subject said she wanted jewelry. So did another, only she was more specific: "a 4 ct. emerald cut diamond in a vintage platinum setting."

Gee, W. What could you possibly have that would satisfy us all?

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I would like to take the time and talk about the points above because I cannot help but think how idiotic these statements are. If you actually have read the book you will find that these points are irrelevant with the book's idea if not completely ridiculous.

First of all, the first two points are completely ridiculous. The whole point is to tell the reader that author's looks didn't land him the success he has with women.

That leaves out to the last point which I found the most idiotic statement. The W. Anton bases his ideas on biological facts, what women are biologically attracted to in men, not what they claim they want or what guys in general believe women want(money, height,size, looks...etc). The same way men are attracted to certain traits in a woman. Listening to polls is such a bad idea that makes guys get confused about what women want in men because the women who answer these polls are just are confused about what turns them on themselves and that bring us to the whole "mystery" men think women are throughout history of humanity and how to get them very few knew what turns them on much most never did, and W. Anton explains everything from what attracts women to how our socialization tends to steer us from the truth about what women want through movies, music  advertisements and much more...

I strongly advice you to read the book again.

Seriously if I didn't know any better I would have to say that this review was written by a feminist at best.

Hott Nickels
Hott Nickels

It's not that all women are easy. It's that men have to internalize this concept so they are not intimidated by women. If a man tells himself that "all women are easy", he then approaches women with more confidence. And everyone knows that women respond to confidence. So just by telling himself "all women are easy" he will actually find that women are more responsive to him, and thus easier.

It's kinda like that book The Secret.


@Hott Nickels Not at all. Read the book again and you will find that it has no connection with The Secret at all.

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