"America's Finest News Source" Weighs in On Iowa Same-Sex Marriage

Davenport descends into post-gay hell, as imagined by The Onion.
Our neighbors in Iowa have enjoyed the right to same-sex marriage since 2009, but it hasn't been without controversy.

This November, for instance, three state Supreme Court justices who helped strike down the state's prohibition on same-sex marriage lost their seats in a retention vote -- the first time in Iowa history this has happened -- after a concerted effort by Washington, D.C., based gay-haters the National Organization for Marriage.

For now, same-sex marriage remains on the books in Iowa. But according to The Onion, the satiric newspaper billing itself as "America's Finest News Source," greater forces are at play.

Check out the paper's wry take on the town of Davenport falling into the clutches of Satan after one of the legal same-sex marriages that take place there. It's hilarious...sort of. We have to wonder if the story is circulating through NOM's internal email as proof that their message of intolerance has been right all along.

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Jeez, CT passed a marriage equality law in 2008, and life goes on. We grew up, and we're from the land of the Puritans.Cheers, Joe Mustich, CT Justice of the Peace, USA.The marriage cops need to retire and go and play bingo......

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