TV Show America's Most Wanted Nabs Suspect Wanted for Rape in St. Charles

Swiney: Caught in North Carolina the day after appearing on TV show.
Bryan Swiney was accused of raping his best friend's sister in St. Charles in July 2007. The girl was just sixteen at the time and had just gotten out of the shower when Swiney allegedly appeared in her bedroom and committed the act. He's been on the run ever since. Well, until Sunday that is.

On Saturday the show America's Most Wanted aired a segment on Swiney and, according to the show, it didn't take but 10 seconds before tips came rolling in. Swiney was arrested the next day in a Best Western hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was checked in under the name Carmine Bogialialo and is now facing extradition back to St Charles face trial.  

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