Canadian Geese Attack Police Officer in Shrewsbury

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via When Canadian Geese attack -- watch out!

Worried about all those mountain lions being spotted in Missouri lately?

Forget about it! What you really need to worry about, apparently, are the Canadian geese.

KTVI (Fox-2) reports that a pair of geese went on a rampage at Shrewsbury's Kenrick Plaza yesterday, going after customers and even managing to knock down a police officer. The station reports that the pair were zealously protecting three eggs when they began "chasing and honking" at dialysis patients.

That's when the brave officer was called to the scene -- only to be attacked himself. (What, don't these waterfowl respect badges?)

Lt. Brian Catlett of the Shrewsbury Police Department tells Daily RFT that the officer suffered a "little scrape" on his elbow, and his coat was torn. Plus, Catlett admits, "he was taking a lot of harassment from his fellow officers at shift change yesterday."

But not to worry, Catlett adds: "He's a big boy. He'll be OK."

But when it comes to the dialysis patients who use the plaza, the situation is a little more complicated. As it turns out, the Canada Goose is protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918. That makes it a crime to harm or injure the birds -- even, apparently, if they're attacking a sworn officer of the law. Without special permission, it's also illegal to move their nests.

That said, in light of yesterday's attack, the state department of conservation gave the plaza owners permission to move the nest to a nearby lake, with hopes that the eggs' aggressive parents will follow. Catlett says the property owners are now taking the lead on the situation.

"We had to move on to other issues," he says. Either that, or the officers are just scared shitless.

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 A few years ago, we lived by a pond that we took evening walks by with the kids.  After a few run-ins with Canadian geese that spring, I tried an idea that my young son loved.

 We each grabbed a large Super Soaker water gun and carried them for protection against the aggressive birds.  They absolutely worked, the hissing sound the gun makes when you pull the trigger startled the animals, and sent them running.

A few particularly tenacious ones were sent packing with a few quick squirts of water.  We made sure the Super Soakers were filled and then pumped them up good before each evenings walk.

I realize that it is not always possible to carry a large squirt gun with you, but if you anticipate a problem, it really works.  

And it did no harm to the birds.  After a few days, the birds gave plenty of space.

Anonymous Hominid
Anonymous Hominid

City officials must be rushing around preparing to ban all geese from Shrewsbury


Since "Canadian" refers to a citizen of the country of Canada, these geese should just be referred to as Canada Geese.


Oh, god. Really?

But you forgot to correct the state department of "conversation".

Re-read the article. Now, look at your face.

Sarah Fenske
Sarah Fenske

Oh good lord. Talk about embarrassing mistakes. There's, um, goose egg all over my face. Thanks for the catch!

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