Image of Dead Man, Carlos Boles, Traveled From One Cop's Cellphone To Another

carlos boles.jpg
Carlos Boles
A total of five St. Louis police officers have now been implicated in sharing the the image of Carlos Boles' corpse.

Boles was killed earlier this month in a shootout during which the wanted felon shot and killed U.S. Marshall John Perry and injured a St. Louis police officer as law officials attempted to apprehend him on outstanding drug and weapons charges.

A photo of Boles bullet-ridden body was later leaked to St. Louis media outlets and several other sources. According to the Post-Dispatch, St. Louis police officer Nicholas Manasco snapped the photo. He then sent it to a fellow cop, Thomas Favazza, thus beginning a chain reaction.

Favazza sent it to his colleague Curtis Burgdorf, who sent it to officer Stephen Schroder, who forwarded it to a fifth, unidentified officer.

Four of those officers have filed a lawsuit to stop the police from reviewing their personal cell phone records. A deadline for those records has now been pushed to Friday. Manasco, the cop who took the photo, was removed from the department's SWAT team following the incident.

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