Charlie Dooley Busted Giving $70,000 Patronage Job to Political Scion

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Oh, Charlie. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
If St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley ever had any love for Post-Dispatch reporter Paul Hampel (and from what I've heard that's a big "if"), any remaining adoration officially evaporated this morning.

In a front-page article today, Hampel -- the daily's county-government reporter -- nails Dooley to the wall for hiring the son of his former campaign director, John Temporiti. In January, 27-year-old Mike Temporiti took over a $70,000 job in the county's Department of Revenue that was never advertised and seemed to be created especially for him.

Moreover, no one else even interviewed for the job extended to Temporiti during a time that the county is supposed to be in year three of a hiring and pay freeze. Mike Temporiti's position is the ninth-highest salary within the 237-person revenue department.

Hampel also reveals this morning how John Temporiti's daughter-in-law, Katy Temporiti, was also awarded a patronage job in county government courtesy of Dooley.

Dooley, who declined an interview with Hampel, defended the latest hiring of a Temporiti, saying in an email it had his "approval."

This, btw, is not the first time Hampel has reported on ethical questions swirling around the Dooley campaign. Last year, Hampel wrote about what a county councilman considered to be a "gaping hole" in Dooley's ethics code regarding John Temporiti. Hampel has also reported on how Temporiti tried to steer a county marketing contract to a firm where another of his sons is employed and then browbeat councilman when they didn't approve the contract. 

The only solution as we see it? Dooley needs to make room in his office for Hampel. A cushy, six-figure salary oughta seal the deal -- provided no one else can apply for the position. You want to make sure Hampel gets the gig.

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are you sure dooley is really black? Cause this is white dude politics all the way...

J. Brad Hicks
J. Brad Hicks

Stuff like this makes me feel sick inside. He's taking advantage of the fact that we know that if we return the Republicans to power in the county, they'll steal a lot more than $70,000 a year for their rich buddies.

Your Momma
Your Momma

Hhahaha... Ya... uh, so welcome to reality = It's Politics Period.

See: Obama. e.g. Gitmo Closed Yet?

While it was easy and convenient for minorities to blame it all on the white guys that held office - it really doesn't matter whether they are white, black, hispanic or blue - they're gonna shit on their constituents.

So who's the racist now?

Handsome Jimmy
Handsome Jimmy

Just goofing on Dooley, but I am thinking that you nailed the Republicans intent quite clearly.


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