Claire McCaskill's "Damn Plane" Now For Sale on Craigslist

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mccaskill plane cragislist ad.jpg
It's a bird ... it's a shit bird pain in the ass!
​Well! Look who's selling her private plane on Craigslist!
Now, you might think this ad is a joke, but what kind of wiseguy would mock Missouri's senior senator for failing to pay taxes on her personal aircraft for, oh, four freakin' years? She was only the state's auditor. How was she supposed to know that airplanes are taxable?

As the prankster McCaskill explains in her Craigslist ad,

Trying to get rid of this shit bird pain in the ass. Husband flew me around in this POS and we got some good life and laughs out of it at someone else's expense, before he stopped paying taxes on this migraine on wheels. How an accountant forgets that you have to pay personal property taxes on hangared airplanes is beyond me, but if you too want to avoid sitting back with the peons in coach, this is the deal for you. Line for offers starts outside my office; if a seat's not open when you get here, just wait a while. It will be soon.

The asking price is $287,000 -- which just so happens to be what McCaskill's coughed up in back taxes. But we should add one note of caution for prospective buyers. Call us paranoid, but you probably want to get the keys to the thing before you wire the seller so much as a dollar.

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It was a Pilatus which is a single engine.Plane in pic is twin. Ad is a joke anyway.Good laugh.


It was a joke. Airplanes don't come that cheap.

Flight Attendant
Flight Attendant

This isn't the only scandal with Senator McCaskill's name written on it; there's another scandal brewing at American Airlines as well.

You see, Senator McCaskill involved herself in a union officer election without disclosing that she was close personal friends with an executive appointee to the incumbent administration. In short, the senator brokered a deal with American Airlines whereby unprecedented voting rights were given to 410 flight attendants and a recall extension given to 800 more. Those 1,200 flight attendants were then encouraged by the incumbent union governance to withhold votes during the primary election so as to support the incumbent during the runoff.

What's so startling about this scandal is the fact that most of the American Airlines executives that participated in it donated to the senator's 2008 campaign fund.

Read more about it:


Looks like it's been flagged for removal. Too bad.


It *was* a joke... but yes, airplanes do come that cheap - all the time. Grumman Tigers, for instance, are very nice, single engine airplanes that are almost always cheaper than that.

Now... a Pilatus certainly doesn't come that cheap - but a Pilatus is a much higher-end airplane than most GA aircraft.

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