Faux McCaskill Twitter Account, @onclaire, Mocks Plane Problems

Categories: Politics
Oh, Claire
Claire McCaskill just can't catch a break.

In addition to a fake Craigslist ad purporting to be from McCaskill trying to unload her "damn plane" and a $32,000 bill for taxes past due on the aforementioned aircraft, Missouri's Democratic Senator now has a fake Twitter account to deal with.

The admitted parody account, @onclaire, introduces itself by claiming, "I'm just a mom. A mom who flies on private jets and tells it like I see it, even though it often contradicts what I just said." D'oh!

Some screen grabs from our snarky parodist, after the jump.
mccaskill tweet three1.JPG
Such Swiftian satire.
mccaskill tweet two2.JPG
Dragging the senator's wealthy husband into it? Ouch!
mccaskill tweet one1.JPG
We don't know about spritzer, but that hot towel probably sounds pretty good to the beleaguered senator right now.

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