Forest Park to Get Trolleys, Limit Vehicle Access at Hampton and Tamm to Ease Congestion

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forest park trolley 1.JPG
Yes, the trolley will look like it was ripped from the pages of a children's book.
Look for trolley buses to begin navigating their way through Forest Park this week as part of the latest effort to ease traffic congestion though St. Louis' "Crown Jewel."

In addition to the trolleys, the park also plans to restrict access at both Hampton and Tamm avenues this week between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Drivers who enter the park on those streets -- which have become prone to traffic jams -- will have to follow a circular route through the park (see map below). The trolley service and alternate traffic-flow changes will last from this Friday through the end of October.

"Traffic congestion in and around the park is an issue we are continually addressing in new ways to assure our visitors can safely travel to the park and enjoy all it has to offer," explained Forest Park Forever President Lesley Hoffarth in a news release today announcing the plan.

The trolley buses -- operated by Metro -- will follow a route that has them picking up passengers at the Muny and Visitor's Center parking lots and stopping at most the major landmarks, including the zoo, history and art museums, the Boat House, Jewel Box and main golf course. Park visitors can ride the trolley all day for a $2 fare for adults. Seniors and kids 6-12 ride for $1.

Below is a map of the bus route as well as the "traffic relief route" for motorists who enter at Tamm and Hampton.

forest park relief plan.JPG
Click image for larger view.

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Simple solution: Prevent cars on weekends from parking for FREE outside of parking lots. Visitors should be either walking, cycling or riding the bus on weekends. FP has been converted onto a large parking lot but what else would you expect from "the New 64" Hoffarth?


Take those stupid turn abouts out...they SUCK...they have made the congestion worse!


argg! i hear "trolley," and frankly, i think of a real trolley!! this is just another graphic-covered bus like the downtown "trolley." and isn't a portion of the 90 Hampton already devoted to cutesy Forest Park transit?

Ed Golterman
Ed Golterman

Since the Park is the destination, and this bus that really looks like a trolley is goingto work, just fine, extend it over to Joe's Place on Delmar and save $40 million, or isit more than $40 million. Too much money on 'how you get there'.


disappointed when I found out that it wasn't going to be a real trolley

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