Illinois Abolishes Death Penalty = Chris Coleman Staying Earthbound For Now

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New law could spare Chris Coleman's life.
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn yesterday signed a bill permanently abolishing the death penalty in his state and commuting the sentences of all thirteen people currently on death row. They now face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The new Illinois law likely means that Chris Coleman, the man charged with strangling his wife and two sons to death in 2009, will spend his life in prison should he be convicted of murder following his trial next month.

One of Coleman's attorneys tells the Belleville News-Democrat that abolishing the death penalty was both "historic" and "appropriate." Meanwhile, prosecutors in that case plan to continue to seek the death penalty in hopes that state voters might overturn the new law.

Executions in Illinois had been on hold since 2000 when then-governor George Ryan placed a moratorium on capital punishment after finding that several of the state's death row inmates were innocent or had been convicted improperly. In 2003, Ryan commuted the death sentences of all 167 convicts then on death row.

Missouri, by comparison, has 48 men currently on death row and last executed a prisoner on February 9. No similar such legislation to abolish the death penalty is under consideration in Missouri.

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Great, now for the rest of his life he gets three meals a day, a free place to live, free medical care, access to a library all paid for by taxpayers.  Nice of this governor to be so concerned about this guy. . . too bad the same consideration is not given to the family he murdered.  They all got a death sentence.


This is probably why chicago is out of control.


If there ever was a poster boy for the Death Penalty, it would be Chris Coleman. Nice timing Governor Quinn...

Handsome Jimmy
Handsome Jimmy

Damn...I had Chris Coleman as number 5 in my office death pool. Wasted $10 on him I guess.

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