The Creation of Twitter -- Tweet by Tweet

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The initial programming for Twitter began five years ago yesterday. To mark the event, Twitter co-founder (and, yes, St. Louis native) Jack Dorsey has been sharing the story about how the social media site was born -- in, naturally, 140 characters or less.

Dorsey writes that he'd been thinking of a Twitter-like site since 2001 when he sketched out plans (right) for a program called Stat.Us.

The following are a few of Dorsey's tweets from yesterday, recalling the wild two weeks in 2006 when he and his fellow coders raced to create twttr, later renamed Twitter. 

jack twitter five years.jpg

More of the story @jack.

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Nothing like reading a story backwards. I think that those tweets quoted above perfectly show the limitations of twitter, its superficiality and how boring and unegaging the vast majority of tweets are.

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Depends on what you use it for. Yes, it can be a complete waste of time -- like any social media. But for breaking news and/or monitoring topics/people of interest to you, Twitter is hard to beat.


The key is learning how to tell which is which....

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