Missouri Masturbation Beat: Teen Has Fetish For Locker Room Underwear

john gallagher 2.jpg
Last week, Daily RFT told you about the search for a serial masturbator on the loose at the University of Missouri.

Now comes this shocking masturbation tale from Platte County in far western Missouri. That's where John Gallagher, 19, was arrested last week on charges of breaking into his former high school and masturbating on underwear left in the locker room.

According to KCTV, Gallagher (pictured here) is believed to have entered the school through an unlocked window on eleven different occasions between January 27 and March 23. Authorities say he removed underwear from the boy's locker room, spread it on the floor and "defiled" it.

Last Wednesday morning, a couple students saw Gallagher dressed in his FedEx uniform in the locker room and chased him off. One of those students said that, two days, earlier he found a used condom tied onto a shoe left in his locker. He thought one of his fellow students left it there as a joke. Now he suspects differently.

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Oh, I just love reading about the many different paraphilias that affect people's lives. So, he has an underwear fetish? Someone, get this man a voter's registration card I sense he will want to vote GOP. If you like, sit him down at a piano & let him mimic Jimmy Swaggard since they both have a fondness for undergarments.

Peter Voth
Peter Voth

I support his man and his actions.

Handsome Jimmy
Handsome Jimmy

Dude needs to get himself some mental health help.

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