Comment of the Day: Liz Taylor's Parents Were More St. Louis Than London

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Today's comment comes in response to a post yesterday calling into question a Post-Dispatch obituary on Liz Taylor that referred to the actresses parents as St. Louisans.

That prompted the author of the Post-Dispatch piece, Joe Williams, to respond:
According to some admittedly vague accounts, the Taylors moved from St. Louis--where the uncle's art business was headquartered---to London, where they opened a branch office. So for the purposes of clarifying that her parents were not British, it might suffice to say they were "from" St. Louis rather than detailing where they both were born. That's why they've been described that way for years, in many sources.

Here's the obit from the Boston Globe.

It's surprising you didn't run into that information before singling me out as if I'd concocted it. I've never had any animosity toward the RFT, which I read and enjoy. I was hoping you would accord me the same respect by acknowledging that, whether or not you agree with the term "from St. Louis," your crosstown pal Joe Williams wasn't the originating source who deserved a public rebuke.

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how to get rid of pimples
how to get rid of pimples

They have never had any hatred toward the RFT, which they interpret and take pleasure in. It was hopeful that you would accord the same admiration by acknowledging that, whether or not you agree with the phrase.

the godfather
the godfather

joe williams is kind of a snarky prick....just because you read it somewhere else doesn't make it true. your a journalist, do your job - like the rft does.

Your Momma
Your Momma

Ya you mean like they did here by claiming there was no st.louis connection... when their was....

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