Comment of the Day: McCaskill as Tax Imposer

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Today's comment comes in response to an article on how Missouri's Democratic senator, Claire McCaskill, recently acknowledged that she'd failed to pay personal property taxes on her private airplane.

In responding to a McCaskill supporter, commenter "Hector Garbanzo" let loose this impressive screed:
You ask: Does anyone seriously believe that she did ANY of this deliberately?

My best guess is that she didn't sit down and plan to screw the state of Missouri and the Federal government out of her fair share of taxes. That said, she probably didn't even bother to think that not paying taxes was screwing taxpayers and the state; she is, after all not a taxpayer, but a tax imposer. Doing this sort of thing just comes naturally to rulers of her ilk. The taxpayers are her enemies and her sheep, to be shorn at her whim, to pay for her everyday life. And if reality ever hits her, she has her flunkies to take the blame, and her benighted enablers, like you for example, to give her cover by claiming that everyone does it. Everyone; like Rangel, Waters, Geithner, Daschle, Kerry, Dellums, Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood. You know. Everybody.

Sooner or later, if enough democrats screw the state out of their fair share of taxes, then we get to claim that everybody does it. Just like everybody gets serviced in the White House, everybody sells US ports to China, everybody hires illegal aliens from China for sub-Cabinet positions, everybody sells seats on Air Force One, coffees with the Pres., sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom, and on and on.

"Everybody." That's Arabic for Democrats.
Not sure what he means by that last line. But the rest? Phew, man can string together an argument.

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Flight Attendant
Flight Attendant

This isn't the only scandal with Senator McCaskill's name written on it; there's another scandal brewing at American Airlines as well.

You see, Senator McCaskill involved herself in a union officer election without disclosing that she was close personal friends with an executive appointee to the incumbent administration. In short, the senator brokered a deal with American Airlines whereby unprecedented voting rights were given to 410 flight attendants and a recall extension given to 800 more. Those 1,200 flight attendants were then encouraged by the incumbent union governance to withhold votes during the primary election so as to support the incumbent during the runoff.

What's so startling about this scandal is the fact that most of the American Airlines executives that participated in it donated to the senator's 2008 campaign fund.

Read more about it:

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