Website Lets You Get Your Missouri Census Nerd On

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missouri population density.jpg
Missouri Office of Administration
Each dot represents 50 people counted during the 2010 Census.
Don't know about you, but here at Daily RFT we're still trying to wrap our minds around the glut of U.S. Census data released last week. Which is why we were pleased this morning to stumble upon the website of the Missouri Office of Administration.

The "OA" as it's known to political wonks is assembling all the Missouri-centric Census data onto one site. So far, the site features maps and spreadsheets documenting Missouri's growth (or in the case of St. Louis and St. Louis County, its losses).

Who knew that so many Native Americans were moving into Clinton County? Or that Christian County in the Ozarks is the fastest growing county in the state? Well, now you do.

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