Wanna Be on the Presidential Ballot in Missouri? We Need to See Your Birth Certificate, Please

Can we just lay the rumors to rest that Barack Obama is not an American citizen? He was born in Hawaii in 1961 -- two years after it became a state. Not Kenya. Hawaii. Even Glenn Beck has shut up about this, maybe because the claims are so ridiculous the Supreme Court doesn't want to waste its time.

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Here it is. Can you see where it says "City, Town or Location of Birth: Honolulu"? Can we get back to talking about more important things now, like how our economy is still in the shitter?
​But apparently that's not good enough for some members of the House Elections Committee out in Jefferson City who proposed a bill yesterday that would require anyone who wants to appear on the Missouri Presidential ballot to produce proof of citizenship. We are the bellwether, remember! Except for 2008, you couldn't win without us! Is it coincidental that that was the year Obama won?

Rep. Lyle Roland, a Republican from Cedar Creek, is sponsoring the bill. He has fifteen co-sponsors, all of whom, unsurprisingly, are also Republicans.

"At the federal level, there is no one checking the qualifications," Rowland told the Columbia Tribune. "Even though it is in the Constitution, no one is checking those references." (If he concluded this remark by whining "It's not faaaaiiiiir!" the Tribune did not record it.)

"It does close an important loophole," added Mitch Hubbard of Fulton, who was the Republican nominee for Missouri secretary of state in 2008. "Our military needs to know that their commander in chief is qualified. We have officers in the military who question whether their commander in chief is eligible" to be president.

(If he named the officers in the military who questioned Obama's competence, again, it was not recorded.)

Among those who testified about the viability of the bill was Darin Chappell, who told the committee he was an instructor at Missouri State University and that he would personally need to see Obama's birth certificate to determine whether he was qualified to be President. Afterward, however, Chappell admitted to the Tribune that he actually only taught at MSU on a per-course basis and that he also had no evidence that Obama wouldn't be qualified.

Tony Dugger (R-Hartville), the committee chair, has promised to send the measure to the House floor, perhaps embedded in a bill that would move Missouri's Presidential primary back a month.

It is interesting to note that the last time a President's citizenship was called into question was in 1880, when Chester Alan Arthur became commander in chief after the assassination of James Garfield. Arthur claimed he had been born in Fairfield, Vermont, in 1830. His political opponents claimed he'd actually been born across the border in Canada. Arthur denied the rumor, and nobody was able to produce any proof either way. Sort of like the Obama case. Oh, and by the way, Arthur was a Republican.

Another interesting fact about Chet Arthur: In 1930, historians got a chance to peruse the Arthur family Bible and discovered that his actual year of birth had been 1829. It made no difference either way by the time Arthur became President, but maybe we should start carding all our future leaders anyway.

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Typical liberal loon shilling for Obama. The fact is that a photograph of a Certification of Live Birth is not sufficient to vet Obama for the White House. Have you heard of vetting? That is where the candidate must produce credentials to show they are eligible for the office sought.

In this case, prior to 1972 any Hawaiian resident could walk into a health department, and on their signature alone obtain a Certification of Live Birth. There were in fact four different birth forms available in 1961. The problem with the form you show is that it does not state the hospital where he was born, nor does it list any witnesses.

Immigration fraud was rampant in Hawaii until the laws were changed in 1972 to require verification of the birth (through witnesses,etc.).

So, and I will type this slow for you, the form Obama produced does not say if the original birth certificate is the type his grandmother signed for. For example, Obama is born in Kenya and the grandmother goes to the health department and gets the birth certificate.

Or is the original form the type that would have been issued at the hospital where Obama claims he was born.

So, to sum up. Obama has never been vetted for the office. Legitimate questions remain about his birth. Obama needs to produce the original. If it turns out to be the type his Granny signed for there is a problem. The first is why did Obama commit perjury, the second is what evidence is he going to produce to confirm the birth. That will require witnesses.

If you are a liberal this type of thinking may make your head hurt.


Its says LIVE BIRTH not birth certificate???


Foreigners certainly aren't "qualified" to lead our country!! Never mind the fact that several of the framers of the Constitution were born in Europe...


Hey look! Our legislators are once again embarassing Missouri by branding it as a hick state in flyover country. Either that or they hate Hawaiians because they have such consistently nice weather.

Doc is a Moron
Doc is a Moron

Hey Doc. It makes my head hurt that morons like you and the Westboro Baptist Church goons have freedom of speech at all. I know we have to pay the price for liberty but sometimes it's a high price.


What's your point? It also says "City, Town or Location of Birth" and lists Honolulu.


You know I put a warning in there for libtirds that reading the post would make your head hurt and there you go. Now wipe the spittle of the keyboards and take an aspirin. Hilarious.

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