MMA for Kids: A Family Story

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Kholood Eid
​This week our feature story tells the tale of Mike and Madeline Green, a father-daughter duo hailed as two of the toughest fighters in the city. Once an untamed street brawler, Mike Green turned his life around through fatherhood -- and in the process raised the best MMA prospect in the region.

Below is a great slideshow by RFT photographer Kholood Eid that gets into the heart and soul of Mike Green ... and spotlights a 12-year-old prodigy who you'll be hearing a lot more about for years to come.

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I would much rather see her learning this type of disipline than becoming just one more lost soul on the Southside! I grew up on the Southside and at the time we only had one gym in the 1st District area and it was called Ron's A.C. Ronnie did the best he could and I always think about him and "Red Bowen" for doing the best they could!!

Pissed Off and Steaming
Pissed Off and Steaming

Well Chad, on your first cover story, you might have checked out some of the bullshit! Mike Green is mean all right - to his mother! His abandonment issues really do require some therapy! I know for a fact he was NOT abandoned - when parent's divorce, is the parent who does not receive custody considered to be abandoning her children? He lived off and on with his mother through his entire childhood -

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