Mountain Lion Spotted in Southern Missouri; Sixth Sighting Since November

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oregon county.JPG
The cat was seen March 9 in Oregon County (red).
The Missouri Department of Conservation has confirmed the sixth sighting of a mountain lion in the state in the past five months.

The cougar was seen March 9 in Oregon County in south-central Missouri. A driver near the small town of Rover saw the animal cross the road and then struggle to hop over a fence. Testing from a cotton-ball-sized tuft of hair left on the fence has come back positive as belonging to a mountain lion.

MDC is now planning to ship a hair sample to a lab in Montana in hopes of determining the origins of the cat. The conservation department believes that the sixteen mountain lions sighted in Missouri since 1994 have migrated from western states such as Nebraska and South Dakota.

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Shelley Powers
Shelley Powers

Whatever you do, when you see a cougar don't tell DNC. The next thing you'll know, a group of hunters will have killed the cat because they were "afraid" of it.

The DNC does not want to protect cougars in Missouri.


The Missouri Department of Conservation is always the last to know what animals are in Missouri. There has always been a Mountain Lion population in Missouri. All be it small, and possibly growing, but they have always been here. Talk to people who live, hunt, fish, etc., in the Ozarks of Missouri and are out in the woods everyday. The MDC has to have one walk through their parking lot in Jeff City before they believe it.


That's funny. Though in my conversations with MDC they say that if there is/was a large population of mountain lions in the state they'd know about it from verified reports from hunters/trapper etc. and because they have thousands of field cameras set up around the state to monitor wildlife.

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