Nearly 100,000 Missouri Veterans Honored

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Medal for World War II vets.
For more than a decade, the state of Missouri has awarded medals and certificates to all its native -- or transplanted -- sons and daughters who've served in World War II, the Korean War or the Vietnam War . And the program is coming up on quite a milestone: 100,000 veterans recognized.

The Missouri Veterans Recognition Program started in 1919, when the Missouri General Assembly authorized an act to present National Guard veterans who'd served in the Spanish-American War, Mexican Border Service or World War I with medals of appreciation. In 2000, the program was expanded to WW II vets; in 2003 to Korean War vets, and in 2006 to Vietnam War vets.

Veterans themselves or surviving spouses or eldest relatives can apply, and if the veteran was honorably separated from the military and lived in Missouri when then joined or left the military or died, they'll be honored with a medal and certificate.

To those 100,000 veterans, those who haven't applied, and those serving in our current conflicts: Thanks.

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Thanks for protecting our freedoms and in some cases drawing a line in the sand.


thanks for what? holes in the desert?


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