Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum: The Sphincter Is There for a Reason

Earlier this week, St. Louis's own Eagle Forum made a complete ass of itself testified about assholes in front of the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee.

Rosina Kovar is an "at-large director" for the organization, which was founded by Phyllis Schlafly and is based in St. Louis, Alton and Washington, D.C. Kovar announced that she was testifying on behalf of "myself, and my grandchildren." She then gave a lengthy defense of the sphincter's raison d'etre, now (of course!) captured on YouTube.

"I think we ought to be telling the truth about fornication and sodomy," she said. "The anus is an exit. It is not an entrance." Added Kovar, "Unlike the vagina, nature put a tight sphincter in the entrance of the anus. It's there for a reason -- to keep out!"

Somehow, this all has to do with unwed mothers and the need to stop Colorado from legalizing civil unions, but damned if we could figure out what. If you can make it through Grandma's speech and care to enlighten our readers, please do so.

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