Comment of the Day: Publishing Job Applicant's Resume Angers Readers

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A post in which we cut and pasted a resume faxed unsolicited to Riverfront Times today drew a lot of comments. Some people were outraged that we made public the man's credentials while others found outrageous curriculum vitae -- which lists "rode in a jet helicopter at a sharp angle with door open" as one of his many accomplishments -- as comic genius.

Former RFT staff writer Keegan Hamilton fell into the latter camp when he quoted from the man's resume in writing:
"Walked in the footsteps of Christ
Swam in the Dead Sea
Had an impromptu mass at the Mount of Olives
Climbed the pyramids of Mexico
Visited the Vatican
Walked up the Red Carpet of Buddha in Thailand"

All of page three sounds like a beat poem. RFT should hire this guy just to write about his past adventures once a week on the blog.
P.S. For those of you not in the know, Keegan moved back to his hometown of Seattle to work for our sister paper, Seattle Weekly. And, yes, we miss him so.

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Nah.. Chad.. It wasn't that the resume was posted, it was that Nicholas Phillips openly mocked an unemployed guy seeking employment by writing a very public article about it. There is a big difference.

Perhaps this guy has mental issues, which would only make Nick's actions even worse.


To those that missed it, this article has been changed several times since it was released:

1) Original Author: Nicholas Phillips2) The initial resume had the guys full name, street address, phone number and email in plain view. 3) The title was very derogatory, something like: "Ordained Minister/Drug Enthusiast Seeks Employment"

I guess Nick realized what a bullshit move that was, or his boss did, and ended up changing the author to 'Unreal' and changed the title which changed the entire intent of the original article which was to mock and humiliate an unemployed guy trying to find a job.

Now all the poor suckers that posted comments, are made to look like fools as the RFT pulled a switch-a-roo and didn't bother to note the changes and updates.

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