St. Louis Ranked No. 24 in List of Social Media Cities

Categories: Tech, Twitter
St. Louis: Average tweety birds.
We're generally pretty skeptical of the endless number of lists ranking U.S. cities on everything from street crime to tipping servers at restaurants.

That said, the list out this week from Men's Health seems somewhat scientific. Editors at the magazine compiled the number of Facebook and LinkedIn users per capita in U.S. cities, followed that up by looking at overall Twitter usage (via NetProspex) and traffic generated by the other social networks, including Myspace, Friendster, Reddit, and Digg. Finally, they analyzed the percentage of households on chat rooms and blogs (via SimplyMap), and voila! A ranking of the nation's most social media cities.

St. Louis earned a "B" from the report and ranked in at No. 24 nationally. Top 10 cities in ascending order: Washington D.C.; Atlanta; Denver; Minneapolis; Seattle; San Francisco; Orlando; Austin; Boston and Salt Lake City. 

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