Taxicab Commission Sued Over Lambert Fees

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Two St. Louis cabbies say they've been unfairly assessed $1 each time they leave Lambert.
A pair of cabbies has filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission, arguing that the $1 fee they're required to pay for each trip through Lambert St. Louis International Airport constitutes an illegal tax.

The suit was filed Monday in the Circuit Court of the City of the St. Louis by cabbies Charles Cole and Rajah Naeem. The cab drivers hope to have the suit certified as a class action -- representing any cab driver who's been forced to pay the fee since June 2005, as well as any passengers who've been forced to pay a surcharge to cover it.

The cabbies allege that they're required to pass through an airport parking garage each time they exit the airport; at that point, they're charged $1 per vehicle, with the money held in trust for the taxicab commission.

The lawsuit alleges that, with around 12,000 trips per month in and out of the airport, taxi drivers have been forced to contribute $144,000 to the commission every year.

The suit was filed by MacArthur Moten PC of St. Louis and first reported by Courthouse News.

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