The Film Titles of Parkway North Teacher and Former Porn Star, Tera Myers

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Tera Myers, a.k.a. Tericka Dye, a.k.a. Rikki Andersin
Kudos to Tera Myers for fulfilling every hormone-fueled, high-school boy's fantasy: The attractive blond science teacher (and girl's volleyball coach) is was a porn star.

Confirmation of her prior career came last Friday when the 38-year-old Myers requested administrative leave from Parkway North High School after a student approached her about her racy past. (We imagine that a bass guitar solo accompanied the awkward, yet arousing, conversation.)

Myers is being paid through the end of the semester but won't return to the suburban St. Louis school in the fall. It's the second time Myers has lost a job as a result of her 1990s work as a porn actress appearing in about a dozen films under the stage name Rikki Anderson (and/or Andersin). In 2006, she was fired from a Kentucky school district for the same reason.

Back then, Myers had been teaching under the name Tericka Dye, which is why school officials in St. Louis say they didn't know about her controversial past even though she appeared on the Dr. Phil Show after being fired from Kentucky.

Myers, in her defense, says that she's a completely different person than she was a decade ago and shouldn't be judged on her past. Unfortunately, school administrators are probably going to have a difficult time swallowing that argument when they take a look at her body of work, which includes Anal Cravings 13, In Thru the Out Door 7, Major Sluts, Butt Brats 7 and Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun.

Following is a review of Myers work, as taken from the adult website

A blond bombshell whose long legs and creamy skin lit up a handful of features in the mid-90s, Porn Star Rikki Anderson enjoyed a brief but lively hardcore career. An almost flawless beauty whose sultry good looks could bring any man -- or woman -- to their knees, Rikki Anderson was an exotic dancer whose tawdry talents led her inevitably into the sex biz. She never shied away from sex at its rawest, and in fact did much of her work for that master of nastiness himself, John T. Bone.

Rikki Anderson first hit porn screens in 1997, after spending her early twenties as a breathtaking runway dancer. One of her first flicks was 'Rug Munchers,' where she hooked up with Menaja in a ravenous salt-and-pepper plunge that left both ladies breathless. Over the next two years, Rikki Anderson would appear in around ten flicks, delivering nothing but raw, unfettered action in the process

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