Feel Free to Ignore Digital Speed Signs on I-270 Beginning in July

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Sammy Hagar approved.
The variable speed signs along Interstate 270 haven't been as productive in easing congestion as hoped in their nearly two years in operation.

Now, beginning in July, the signs will play only an "advisory role" in directing traffic. Motorists who choose to ignore the signs -- which change the posted speed limit depending on traffic conditions -- won't face any penalties or tickets so long as they're observing the highway's maximum speed limit of 60 mph.

The Post-Dispatch has more on the story this morning, including the results of a study that found that motorist and local police found the signs to be largely ineffective. The same study, however, noted that accidents have dropped along the Missouri side of I-270 since the arrival of the digital speed signs.

The Missouri Department of Transportation spent around $900,000 on the experimental program. 

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Douche McGee
Douche McGee

Ignore them starting in July? We've been ignoring them since day 1. $900k into the fire!

Almost every day the first sign I see when I get onto 270 north from 70 east says 50mph. If you're doing 50, you're going to get slammed into by everyone else that's doing 70+

And even if everyone was doing 50 you'd still hit the heavy traffic that usually starts shortly after the McDonnell Blvd exit.

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