Albert Pujols on 60 Minutes?

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Rumor has it that Pujols will hit baseballs off Andy Rooney's eyebrows.
Gossip columnist Jerry Berger reports that Albert Pujols could be featured in a segment of 60 Minutes this coming Sunday.

As of this writing, the show's website mentions nothing about the Cardinals' first baseman appearing on the program. But who knows?

Berger reported last October that a CBS crew filmed Pujols during his foundation's annual prom night for people with Down syndrome.

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Does anyone out there want to bet me that Albert's batting average will be .300 or more by the end of April?? I had an idea of how to come into some easy money, just for you idiot immediate gratufication negativists. Let me know; I'm on unemployment and could use the guaranteed cash right now

Mike N.
Mike N.

Where've you been? This is old news -- they were following him at spring training and were here opening day. I think it's Scott Pelley who's doing the story.

Mike N.
Mike N.

my bad -- it's Bob Simon, and it should run this Sunday


Well, I'll be darn. Obviously, I wasn't at spring training (stupid, cheap bosses!) and not at Opening Day (stupid, cheap bosses!).

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