Contest Will Name St. Louis' "Ugliest House"

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springfield ugly house.jpg
This Missouri home won a similar contest in Springfield.
HomeVestors, the company that advertises as "We Buy Ugly Houses," is in search of the ugliest house in St. Louis. The winner will receive $450 in gift certificates to Home Depot and Carpet For Less to fix up their eyesore. But, hey, shouldn't the winner wear the title as a badge of honor?

Here's the catch, though. Not all houses are eligible. That's right; you can't take a photo of your neighbor's hovel and collect.

You need to be the homeowner (even better if you're a real-estate investor/speculator like the good folks at HomeVestors), and you can't be the person who made the house such a nightmare. More rules and information can be found at

Voting on St. Louis' ugliest home begins June 1. Good luck.

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i'm pretty sure almost every ugly house in st. louis would disqualify because (a) most of them are vacant and (b) chances are, people living in an ugly house are the ones who made it that way!

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