Frank Haith Rebounds Today After Shooting Bricks to Start the Week

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Don't let this photo fool you. Haith has found some black and gold to wear. He's not that clueless.
Just eight days into his job as the new head coach of the University of Missouri basketball program, Frank Haith committed his first official foul when he violated an NCAA rule.

The infraction -- a minor one that probably won't lead to any penalties -- came earlier this week when Haith confirmed via a text message to a Kansas City reporter that star recruit Otto Porter of Scott City was passing over Mizzou for Georgetown. A lost recruit and an NCAA violation all in one week?

But, hey, it got a little better today for Haith when he announced that he landed his first assistant coach. Tim Fuller is an assistant coach from University of Louisville who played under Haith in the late 1990s when Haith was an assistant coach at Wake Forest. Fuller is also part of the team that helped Louisville's coach Rick Pitino recruit one of the best teams last off season.

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