Another Report Links MetroLink to Rowdy Teens in the Loop

KMOV-TV (Channel 4) is the latest media outlet to report concerns from Delmar Loop store owners that rowdy teens are venturing into the entertainment district by way of MetroLink.

The station says a MetroLink security guard told their reporter off-camera that it's "overwhelming" when as many as 60 teens pile off the train. Since MetroLink doesn't have turnstiles like public transit in other cities, any one can board the light-rail, regardless of whether they've paid. And state law prohibits anyone under seventeen years old from being fined if they're caught without a ticket.

A spokesman for Metro, meanwhile, contends that troublemakers arrive to the Loop via car, foot and other transportation.

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Still the answer isn't cutting back on public transit. I've chosen public transit instead of a car because it's better for the environment and less expensive leaving me more money to shop with. I mean, what would you buy if you didn't have to pay for gas, insurance and a car payment? And I'm not the only one. It's not fair to those of us who use the metro extensively for shopping to pressure the service to cut back on hours. I mean if push came to shove and they did stop offering convenient service, I could just stop supporting local stores and take my disposable income online.

Daniel Pritchett
Daniel Pritchett

The U-City Police doesn't mess around, and if these kids are in fact, "shopping for trouble," they'll get what they deserve.


How can state law prohibit ticketing anyone if they are using services they didn't pay for? That's like saying you can't punish minors for Shaming public transit for people (of any age) traveling from place to place is ridiculous. It seems placing the blame on this absurd state law is more appropriate. Give tickets to ANYONE who doesn't pay for Metro's service, and you may solve the real problem.


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