Missouri CEOs Rake In Big Bucks

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​Feel like stoking your class envy this morning? The AFL-CIO has a tool for you -- a database of CEO pay. And it's pretty awesome appalling.

Seriously, the stats the union has compiled here are enough to turn even the most enthusiastic capitalist into a Marx-spouting lefty. (Which, we're sure, is precisely what the AFL-CIO intended.)

For example, here in good ole Missourah, the website reports that the CEOs of our largest corporations earned an average of $3.9 million, even as the state's median wage hovers at a disheartening $30,570. That means the average Missouri worker's salary was less than one percent of his boss's.

We used the database's handy-dandy state-sorting option to compile a list of Missouri's ten best-paid CEOs. If you're into spasms of jealousy, check it out after the jump.

  1. 10. Ralph P. Scozzafava, Furniture Brands Intl $6.6 million

  2. 9. Thomas A. McDonnell, DST Systems Inc. $6.9 million

  3. 8. David S. Haffner, Leggett & Platt Inc. $7.2 million

  4. 7. Michael F. Neidorff, Centene Corp. $7.9 million

  5. 6. Philip J. Koen, Savvis Inc. $8.5 million

  6. 5. Jeffry N. Quinn, Solutia $8.9 million

  7. 4. Gregory H. Boyce, Peabody Energy Corp. $9.5 million

  8. 3. George Paz, Express Scripts Inc. $10.3 million

  9. 2. Hugh Grant, Monsanto Co. $13.1 million

and the highest-paid CEO in Missouri is ....

  1. 1. D.N. Farr, Emerson Electric Co. $24.8 million

$24.8 million. Must be nice.

Interestingly enough, of these ten very fat Missouri fat-cats, all but two are from the St. Louis area. (DST Systems is based in Kansas City and Leggett & Platt Inc. is in Carthage.) With fine industry mavens such as these, it's no wonder St. Louis is such a thriving metropolis!

Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to get back to slaving away to earn our daily crust of bread and meager bowl of gruel. Not that we're resentful or anything.

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I think it would be interesting to hear how each of these men got to be CEO, instead of just seeing their salaries to rile up the wealth-envy crowd.


AFl CIO head Richard Trumka makes just under $250k. Well less than any of the CEOs listed.

J. Brad Hicks
J. Brad Hicks

If anything on that list looks like a lot of money, to you, you don't know what CEOs usually earn in the USA these days; financial industry CEOs and defense contractor CEOs earn more in a month than any Missouri CEO earned all year. This list just reinforces that Missouri isn't just a place where all of the good-paying working class jobs went away and are never coming back, even the good-paying CEO jobs went away and are never coming back.

Jr Mann
Jr Mann

And now the AFL-CIO should publish the pay of their leaders.... I look forward to seeing it!


The CEO of Monsanto deserves his 13.1 million for living through the early 2000s with the name Hugh Grant.


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Did you just say that the above salaries do not constitute "good-paying" jobs?


If "good-paying CEO jobs went away," from STL somebody forgot to tell Hugh Grant. He was in the top 25 of the list you linked to--nothing to sneeze at.

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