Peter Kinder: Hotel Scandal Breeds Bumper-Sticker Catchphrase

Want this bad boy on your rear bumper? Provide us with the most creative answer to the question below and it's yours!
Daily RFT received the bumper sticker above today in a package with no accompanying letter and the curious return address of:
"I Like Peter"
P.O. Box 69
Bachelor, Missouri

The term "nimbusile" seems to be an obvious joke at the expense of Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, who has pledged to repay the state for $35,000 in hotel bills he racked up while staying at some of St. Louis' finest hotels.

"I seek to move this nimbus off the horizon, and let's get to the real issues that concern this state," Kinder said earlier this month.

Given that knowledge, who out there can provide us with a definition for nimbusile? The person with the most creative answer posted in the comment section (below) wins the bumper sticker. Results will be announced tomorrow by 4 p.m.

Update: Winner announced here! (If you really can't guess from the comments below.)

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Rhette Michaels
Rhette Michaels

Nimbus: Someone who thinks $35,000 doesn't buy much tea.


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Someone who's held a few too many tea parties at the Chase.


when I get creative I end up being disqualified from dailyrft contests, while lame/not funny responses that take little to no thought are awarded prizes. That being said, my "fit for dailyrft" definition of nimbusile: a big dummy (har har har har har, yuk yuk yuk!! Chad, please pardon me for splitting your sides - I'll give you a moment to catch your breath... Now, back to you, Bob Saget!)

Rudy Moore
Rudy Moore

Someone with his head so far up his ass, it's in the clouds.

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