St. Louis Gets New Airline Only For Pets

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What will they think of next?

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Today Lambert - St. Louis International Airport announced that Pet Airways will add the city to the 14 other destinations currently served by the airline.

Pet Airways offers to ship your pet in style for fares starting as low as $99. According to the airline, its "Pawsengers" are checked every 15 minutes and never stored under the seats or in baggage areas like other airlines. Oh, and pets on long journeys are even allowed to stop for potty breaks. That's nice, but the windowless planes don't offer much view. Someone alert APSCA, asap!

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If you are having pets then its great news for you. St.Louis  introduced a new airline only for pets. Now you can take your pets along with you in this airline. It will not be stored in seats or baggages. And plane will also stop for your pet potty break. Isn't it great.

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In light of the Legislature's recent action, is this the Vietnam Airlift for Canines?

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