Comment of the Day: How Do You Spot a St. Louis Suburbanite?

Categories: Blowback
Today's comment comes in response to an article examining the ongoing traffic jams at the Hampton Avenue of Forest Park. After a new traffic plan failed to alleviate the gridlock this weekend, we asked the question: How do you spot a St. Louis tourist? Answer: They're the people waiting 40 minutes on enter the Forest Park on Hampton.

Reader "Chris" wrote in to say that we got the answer correct, but the question wrong:
Instead of "How do you spot a St. Louis tourist?" it should be "How do you spot a St. Louis suburbanite who refuses to learn more about the city at the heart of the region?"

As usual, the general population will blame everybody else (the police, the city, minorities) before they look at themselves and maybe discover that their method of doing things (using only the Hampton Exit) is not the best way to do something, and -- gasp -- make a change to their lifestyles.

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Go ahead and sit half an hour on the Hampton ramp. I can walk to the park in half that time.


I've taken to the habit of yelling "Go back to The County" at people.


Chad, you gotta quit literally phoning these blurbs in. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that your phone's autocorrect or swipe is the reason two of the three sentences you wrote here have major mistakes.

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