A Haunting Tale of Poo, Porn, Used Condoms and Bizarre Messages Sent via Snail Mail

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Vanessa Bell is charged with using mail system to send a former neighbor feces and other "injurious articles."
For all you fans of creepy psychological crime, Robert Patrick over at the Post-Dispatch published a must-read over the weekend: The bizarre story of a string of letters sent to a Jennings woman and about a half-dozen others, the first letter which read simply: "[Expletive] you."

Over the next eight years, mailings that followed contained porn, feces, used condoms, bloody feminine-hygiene products and a white powder (which turned out to be harmless). On one occasion, the Jennings victim woke up and found the hood of her car slathered with red paint.

That victim's former neighbor, Vanessa Bell, was recently arrested and charged by a federal grand jury with three counts of "mailing injurious articles" (read indictment here). Bell -- who is undergoing a court-ordered psychological evaluation -- apparently believed the Jennings victim had been eavesdropping on her. Read the full (and super-weird) story here.

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