Win Tickets To Tomorrow's Cardinals Game!

prairie chicken.jpg
Ah! Prairie chickens/We will make our readers cluck/Anything for seats
Earl Richardson

Feel like watching the Cardinals take on the Washington Nationals tomorrow? We've got two free tickets, and they are (drumroll) field boxes!

Normally, we'd try to scalp these babies for upwards of $100, but, being in a benevolent mood, we thought we'd instead give them away to a reader who's willing to humor us a bit.

Namely, we'd like you to write a haiku about the subject of this week's RFT feature story, the charismatic prairie chicken.

Post your haiku, plus a way we can contact you (twitter handle, email address, link to facebook page) in our comment section below. We'll accept entries up until 4 p.m. and pick a winner soon after; if we pick you, you'll need to be able to come to our office in the Delmar Loop before 6 p.m. today or before the game tomorrow.

Please note that this is a day game -- it starts at 12:45 p.m.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Read all about it here.

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