Arron Herring: St. Louis Man Accused of Intentionally Causing Fatal Accident

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Police say Arron Herring intentionally caused a wreck that killed Ashley Brenner.
A south city man accused of intentionally causing a collision that killed a passenger inside his vehicle is back in St. Louis after being arrested earlier this week in California. 

According to St. Louis police, 21-year-old Arron Herring was arguing with a passenger in his Ford Explorer last July when he ran a stop sign and plowed into another vehicle at the intersection of Holly Hills and January.

Police say Herring initially told investigators that he ran the stop sign because he was distracted while arguing with 21-year-old Ashley Brenner.

However, police say Herring later admitted being so angry with Brenner that he intentionally caused the accident that threw her body from the vehicle. Brenner, of the 200 block of Union in south county, died of her injuries.

A warrant for Herring's arrest was issued April 11. On Wednesday of this week Herring, of the 700 block of Bates in south St. Louis, was found and arrested in Marysville, California. He's now back in St. Louis and being held on a $250,000 cash-only bond on the charge of involuntary manslaughter. 

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I don't know about whether he did it on purpose or not, but I live on that corner and was sitting in my living room when it happened. He was accelerating up the block, and the other vehicle did not run the stop sign - that driver just could not have seen him coming that fast, and had a reasonable expectation that any oncoming traffic would stop. My eyes are no radar gun, but based on how fast he went through my field of vision I'd guess he was well over 50mph. I am sure the police investigators have done the math and can tell fairly accurately how fast he was going. As for his behavior after the accident, he didn't seem terribly upset until the cops showed up and I didn't see him within ten feet of her in the street...He just stood and watched.


Arron loved Ashley very much, they were together for 5 years and he would of NEVER intentionally hurt her! Also, another moving vehicle was involved and that person ran their stop sign as well and clipped Arron's vehicle, which made him lose control. Another thing that they failed to mention is that after she was ejected Arron rushed to her side and was holding her and giving her CPR to try to save her life. And that is how the police found them when they first arrived to the scene. This boy is a very caring and loving person. Arron is currently active duty member of the United States Air Force. He misses Ashley very much and is punished enough by losing the love of his life.

Shannon Nunn
Shannon Nunn

This is BS the thought of my nefew hurting anyone is insane just like ashelys family i know they cant understand why it happend it is a loss we all suffer but putting the blam on arron is selfish she wasnt waring a setbelt i have suffed alot this was an accident.... 

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