Russ Carnahan Honored by St. Louis Firefighters

Carnahan (with Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr.) will soon be adding an axe to his tool shed.
​We can officially say it now: Representative Russ Carnahan is getting the axe.

What? Don't we have to wait for the 2012 elections for the fallout from redistricting -- when Missouri's shrinking population might force Carnahan out of a congressional seat?

Actually, this particular axe is one we imagine the St. Louis congressman will accept with pride. At an ceremony planned for 11 a.m. today at Lafayette Fire Company No. 1, the St. Louis Fire Department will present Carnahan with an honorary hatchet, in thanks for his efforts that secured a federal grant earlier this year, preventing Fire Department layoffs following a bitter dispute over pensions.

In April, St. Louis was awarded a $3.2 million SAFER grant to rehire 30 firefighters who were laid off for one day in the midst of the pension tussle. Carnahan worked with the Department of Homeland Security, which administers the grants, to help save the jobs.

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson, Local 73 President Christopher Molitor, International Association of Fire Fighters Vice President Mark Woolbright, and several firefighters whose jobs were salvaged will present the axe to Carnahan this morning.

Location Info

Lafayette Fire Company No. 1

1801 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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It’s a nice article we can gather lot of experience fromhere.



Or we could look at the board of aldermen who still have the same number of members as if our city's population was as large as it was in 1857. Cut the number of aldermen and their slush funds in half just as our population is now half as big as it was in 1857. Paying our employees a competitive wage instead of putting up decorative lighting and street markers in front of abandoned buildings may be a better way to spend our tax dollars. Investing in your employees may help retain them instead of providing them with training only to have them use city employment as a stepping stone to "bigger and better" things. Pull ur head out of ur a** jimmy and see what is really going on!


What a pile of crap! Why don't people see that this is just avoiding the real issue -- that firefighter pensions are ridiculously over-inflated thanks to corrupt public-sector unions striking deals with corrupt politicians to write checks the state of Missouri can't cash!

Great, so he hustled up a little change from the broke federal government so these greedy pig firefighters can keep getting pension money they don't deserve. But all that does is put a band-aid over the real problem.

No wonder this pathetic excuse for a country is falling apart. Nice work, Russ!

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