Chimp Custody Battle Rages On, Owners Fined

angry chimp.gif
Not actually Suco.
Across the state in Kansas City, the saga of Suco the chimp continues. This October, the 21-year-old primate escaped the home she shared with Mark Archigo and Debbie Kaumans and went on a rampage, smashing a police car. She's been cooling her jets at the Kansas City Zoo since the incident.

Yesterday, a judge fined the couple and put them on probation. They are also on the hook for the $1,524 in damage their furry pal did to the cruiser. But in order to get the chimp back home from the zoo, the pair needs a circuit court order--who knows if they'll get that. Maybe she would be better off staying at the zoo.

Here's video of the incident, from the Kansas City Star. Looks like Suco could use a nice cup of chamomile tea, maybe.

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