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​We're pretty certain that there will never be a reality show on national parks that rises to the level of American Idol or Dancing With the Stars, but we thought you should know that you still have the chance to vote for the St. Louis Arch Grounds as one of the best parks in the country. If we score enough votes, we could win a grant, a volunteer event for our city, and a visit from a giant pink inflatable bunny.

We received a press release yesterday indicating that the Arch Grounds park is one of five remaining candidates to earn the last slot on the Energizer Bunny Hot "Hare" Balloon Tour, which raises money for the National Park Foundation. The tour will kick off in the late spring and will keep going (... and going ... and going) into the summer.

Just so you know, the inflatable Energy Bunny is huge -- at 166 feet, it's fifteen feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. It's 60-foot ears are taller than the faces of Mount Rushmore, and it was created with 84 miles of thread.

Each city on tour will be given a grant and the chance to create a volunteer event related to park preservation. To vote on the Arch Grounds -- also known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial -- visit before March 13.

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