Expectant Dads Need Prenatal Care, Says University of Missouri Researcher

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Pregnancy: Not as easy as it seems.
No doubt about it, pregnancy is a bitch. The nausea. The stress. The hormones.

It' also tough on the mothers we're told. But, it's the fathers-to-be who most often suffer silently, according to new research out from University of Missouri.

"Too often, men are treated as observers of the pregnancy process," says ManSoo Yu, an assistant professor in the school's College of Human Environmental Sciences.

Yu adds that expectant dads aren't nearly as likely to seek support during pregnancy, even though they, too, can experience severe emotional changes in the run-up to delivery. Those changes can include financial stress, self-criticism and low self-esteem.

"Acknowledging and addressing the emotional well-being of men as well as women is recommended," concludes Yu. "Providing prenatal care for expectant fathers can encourage men to have a proactive role in pregnancy, which will allow for better maternal and infant health outcomes."

The study suggested that low self-esteem can also lead to substance abuse among the fathers-to-be. And while dad's binge drinking and drug use won't necessarily impact the health of the fetus, it can certainly take a toll on the mother's emotional state during pregnancy.

Yu's research was recently published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

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As a father and gone through a birth experience, I know how stressful this could be. So my advice is that a father-to-be should take responsibility and be there when needed. I have a blog where I have mentioned a few items for a dad to manage through this period at http://thefreezingpoint-arq.bl.... please read and share 

Galt, Johnathan
Galt, Johnathan

When my wife became pregnant, she made me attend a class at the hospital about labor & delivery. The class was filled with emasculated young men, many of which had already attended a host of other classes (Breastfeeding 101, Stretch-mark Reduction, etc.) They were active participants in the breathing exercises... and everything. (One guy smiled when the instructor complimented him on his breathing pattern -- like when he got a gold star for coloring in elementary school) Puke. There wasn't enough whiskey to add to my coffee to make me sit through that. We left before lunch, and I immediately started pounding budweisers to try to regain the testosterone that was sucked from my body during the short experience. If you are a woman, and your husband needs prenatal care, then you can expect that to be the least of your long-term worries...

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