Comment of the Day: Is It Okay For Blacks to Have Race-Based Agenda?

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Today's comment comes in a response to a post about how four black Missouri legislators lined up with Republicans to override Governor Jay Nixon's veto of the state's new congressional districts.

In voting with the Republicans, the four Democratic defectors ensured that the districts of Missouri's two black congressmen (Emanuel Cleaver and Lacy Clay) remained strong even though it will likely cost Democrats a seat in Congress by eliminating the district of Russ Carnahan.

One of the legislators who sided with the G.O.P., state representative Jamilah Nasheed (D - St. Louis), defended her vote, saying ""I'm black before I'm a Democrat." 
That prompted a frank discussion on the Daily RFT and our Facebook page. Reader Tessa Smith seemed to capture the opinion of several commenters when she wrote on Facebook:
I have seen too many racist statements made by the black race, in a public forum. As if IT'S OKAY for THEM to say them, as if they deserve it. And I feel the U.S. mainly whites, ALLOW it, because they are afraid (with good reason, cuz the playing field ISN'T fair) they will be the ones accused of racism, AND THEY'RE RIGHT! So we as a country, have accepted racism, but only for the black community.

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the one tammy owes money too!
the one tammy owes money too!

Jamilah "no need" Nasheed and the rest of the congressmen that voted against there own party should step down because you were elected to represent your districts not your own personal agenda. Thisis what is wrong with politics; if politicians would do what makes sense and not the stupidity of Jamilah saying "I'm black before I am democrat." Then she should be kicked out of the democratic party and start a black party. I am black too but i am American before I am black.

Crazy T
Crazy T

I am just so tired of the backroom dealing that's been going on in Missouri!Another example of it right here!The republican legislators want 2 eliminate assistance & entitlement programs in favor of lowering taxes for businesses & the wealthy.Instead of taking a stand,THESE FOUR TEAM UP W/THEM!For what,two eliminate another democrat seat 2 preserve 2 of 9 seats(The republicans knew that if Clay or Cleaver's was eliminated,there was good chance that a reliably republican seat would have been lost due to the districts that both Clay &Cleaver represent)So,these 4 BLACK loyalists just gave in when it was TOTALLY UNECESSARY!WE ARE ALL SCREWED!


the persecution mania and utter lack of self-awareness of white americans never ceases to amaze. they look at the history of this society and determine they're the real victims. mass fucking psychosis.

once blacks subjugate whites for three centuries, you can start discussing the topography of the playing field. (no, the failure of the obama/holder DOJ to seek the death penalty for voter non-intimidation by the "new black panthers" in north fucking philly--lotta mccain voters in those parts-- is not a start.)

they're outraged that nasheed would self-identify as black, but of course whenever they say "american" both "white" and "christian" are implied


The Democrats never really care about the working class, and this is just, another proof of what kind of people is in the democratic party. It does not matter who is in charge, you still have two party that is not healthy for the working people of this country. It is like crack and cocaine, both will screw your body up, the DNC and GOP are like two drugs that will cause health effects, so, the better solution is to vote for a party that is not tie to the capitalist big boss class and called for a milltant non reformist progressive action. America need a socialist program, we need unity within the working class, the issues are not black and white, they are multi ethnic. We should called for unity, but not to the point, were we deny that one ethnic group is treated better than the non white minority. We have to fix, the inequality in this country and around the world and i think only through, a marxist socialist program, we should have the issue that we have in this country solved.

Just because the president is black, does not mean something, He is a member of the ruling class and he will continued to serve the rulling class. While we get screw.

the one tammy owes money too!
the one tammy owes money too!

Get over it. It is time to move on! Don't get me wrong there is still some extreme racism goin on but it is nothing like it was 10 years ago. hell even 5 years ago.


Funny... I experience the exact same racist crap that I did 15 years ago, hell even 5 years ago. So sorry, sometimes it's hard to "get over it". That notwithstanding, I have a problem with what Jamila said - because it highlights an extrememly short term thinking... so what if they keep 2 seats - what good does it do if a the democratic agenda that supports and encompasses Jamila's agenda is defeated because she chose to give up one seat?

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