Governor Jay Nixon Gets Subtly Mocked on This American Life

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, kinda laughed at by Ira Glass
Politicians love love love talking about job creation, reported Ira Glass over the weekend on NPR's This American Life.

In fact, some pols are so crazy about new jobs, they'll hold a press conference when a government program creates just ONE single job.

Such as Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, for example, who told Glass there was a press event earlier this year up in Bethany when a small business loan program allowed a woman to open up shop in her basement printing t-shirts and signs.

Glass's response, after some laughter: "And you showed up?"


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Ira Glass
Ira Glass

Ira Glass here.  Just to be clear: I was not mocking Jay Nixon, even gently.  He seems like a pretty thoughtful, dedicated guy, and when you look at the scope of his administration's job creation efforts, it's pretty impressive.  Yes, it's kind of funny that any politician would show up to celebrate the creation of eight jobs or just one job, but what was lovely about Gov Nixon in that interview is that he also thought it was kind of funny.  He was the one, not me, who brought up the fact that he'd done a press conference to announce one job.  And he laughed as he said it.  So I was not mocking him.  We both were amused.  I feel silly to be writing in the comments here but he seems like a mensch and I would not mock him.  That idea horrifies me.  If this was unclear in our broadcast, that is a failure on my part.

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