Jessica Beckwith: St. Louis Homicide No. 49; Step-Father Kills Teen in Rampage

Sixteen-year-old Jessica Beckwith was shot to death yesterday morning in her home in the 3700 block of Roswell Avenue.
3700 roswell.jpg
Roswell is in the Boulevard Heights neighborhood of south St. Louis.
Police say Beckwith's stepfather, Lawrence Verble, shot Beckwith and her mother before turning the gun on himself. Verble and Beckwith were both pronounced dead around 9 a.m. May 19.

Verble's wife, who is the mother of Beckwith, was listed yesterday in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest. Neighbors told media yesterday that Verble appeared to be a friendly and helpful man and were shocked he turned a gun on his family.

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