Comment of the Day: Keep Government Out of Religion

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Today's comment comes in response to a post today on Congressmen Todd Akin's (R - Town & Country) attempt to stop Navy chaplains from performing same-sex marriages now that the miltary's Don't Ask Don't Tell has been repealed.

Reader "the REAL kitty" responds:
one minute, Conservatives are all about religion in the government (Ten Commandments in court, prayer in schools), the next, they want to try to outlaw certain religious ceremonies in the Navy. Let each faith decide their feeling on same-sex marriage, and remember that a chaplain is a chaplain first and a federal employee second.

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This issue has nothing to do with religion...It has to do with the Navy attempting to violate Federal law, plan and simple. You say "conservatives are all about religion in the government"...interesting b/c there has been no mention of religion during this argument. Why is it that liberals try to turn everything into a religious argument? Could it be because that's the only argument that have on issues...Oh wait, that and tax cuts for the rich. At least get the facts of the argument correct before you start criticizing those who are actually out there doing something. Geesh, get a life!!


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