La Russa To Have Eye Examined Today

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa is still battling the bizarre eye infection we first commented on nearly three weeks ago.

Bill Greenblatt/ UPI/ Fotoglif
The ailment does not appear to be pink eye -- as first reported -- but some mysterious virus. Today's an off day for the Cardinals, and La Russa will travel today to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to allow doctors there to take a look.

La Russa tells the Post-Dispatch the condition is "miserable," with the eye nearly completely closed and tearing constantly. La Russa has described the eye as "like bad makeup in a horror movie."

The examination today coincides with a physical check up La Russa undergoes each year as a board member for his animal charity, ARF.

The Cardinals manager plans to rejoin the team in Chicago on Tuesday in time for its series against the Cubs.

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Handsome Jimmy
Handsome Jimmy

Not a fan of TLR and have voiced my hatred of the man consistently, however shingles is one bad ass virus and will fuck you up. Kudos to TLR for fighting the good fight. I lost total eyesight in my left eye last year due to shingles so I know what the deal is with this nasty virus. It ate my retina up in just a few weeks while the doctors were trying to figure out the deal. Several eye surgeries later and I find out that I'll be blind in that eye from now on and there is nothing the eye doctors can do about it. Sucks to have shingles no matter where it occurs on the body.


La Russa meant that the bad makeup that disguises the fact that he is a villian from a bad horror movie isn't working anymore.

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